Crisp. Seamless. Real.
  • User selects a model closest to her self image. This loads a video of the model on the screen.
  • The model never stays frozen in frame but seems extremely lively and smiling at the user. The load time for the videos is also extremely low making the whole experience seamless.
  • The user selects jewelry items from the Mia range and tries it on the model in the video
  • The users can make the model turn left or right in the video itself to get a better idea of how the piece looks!
  • The catalogue lets users share their favourite look along with the experience with her friends on social networks 
  • User can also buy her jewelry piece from the e-store on the microsite

Interactive Video Catalogue - on the Tanishq Mia microsite that lets users try out individual pieces on models!

Women wear simple & smart dresses to work with very little jewelry as they feel that dressing up at work takes the focus away from their actual merit. Moreover, they are also unsure of how it looks on them.
Tanishq identified this category as a huge opportunity & launched a Work Wear range called Tanishq Mia. Hence, the task was to reach out to the relevant TG & make sure they TRY IT OUT.

When it comes to buying jewelry, the most important thing for women is to know how a piece will look on them. And while this is a deterrent for most jewelry websites, we decided to turn it into our strength by letting users experience a virtual trial room instead of just listing images of pieces like others. 


The video catalogue was an instant hit with the TG as it successfully managed to draw them to the new brand. 
  • The microsite experienced an almost negligible bounce-away rate of less than 5% - a massive achievement for a product microsite in an industry where the norm is 30%!
  • Users browsed over 18 pages per visit 
  • Average time spent on the video catalogue was 25 minutes

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