Owing to the dry nature of the subject, no amount of written content would ever help break the ice. But if explained in a way that involves them or the people around them, they will consciously take interest and absorb more. Hence, it made perfect sense to explain the concepts with stories centered around the lives of real-life people, stories they could relate to. A series of videos were created using pizza delivery guy, security guard, nightclub bouncer& window pan cleaner, and shared on the Reliance Life Insurance Social Media pages.
They narrated stories of people who cross our paths everyday and the risks they face which we never notice. And by showing how their lives could face unknown perils, we subtly reminded the viewer that the same may happen to him as well.
In each story, the central character mainly talks about the RISKS of his life in his own characteristic style. But towards the end there is a twist in the tale - the same character falls into some kind of trouble, that he didn’t expect at all.
The videos are interlinked and feed off each other. Each video ends with annotations that seamlessly take the viewer to the next video. 

Insurance is a Risk Mitigation product. People are exposed to RISKs everyday……… some obvious and some subtle…………… and most times these thoughts are pushed to the back of the mind.
The objective for Reliance Life Insurance was to use social media to get people to stop for a moment and visualize RISK, in a completely different way. This would result in people realising that they probably need insurance too, and Reliance Life Insurance would be in their consideration set.


The videos succeed in getting people to stop and think for a moment, highlighting the uncertainty of life in general, irrespective of how much in control you may think you are.

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