Intel powered "Picture your Passion" - an activity that let fans show their passion for their favourite 20-20 teams by creating stunning images with Intel’s power on the city’s walls!

We created www.pictureyourpassion.com – a platform where fans first choose a city, and then use an extensive set of tools to create an artwork for that chosen team. Users could add captions to the artworks they upload to the site’s gallery and share it with friends! What’s more – the best entries on the site won smartphones and Intel powered PCs while 100 early birds won customized mugs etc!

The buzz soon spread across the internet with banners, updates on social media, and online PR. Reknowned artists like Dileep Khomani and Haneef Qureshi joined in the fun. And if that’s not all – we even ran a TVC to attract the TV-hugging cricket fans and ran activations at I café and art schools!

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When Intel came out with the "Visibly smart" 2nd Generation Core Processors, they wanted to launch an activity that showcases the processor's stunning visual output in a very unique manner.

To achieve this, they turned to digital to take the game to the next level.

The launch of the new processors was coinciding with the busy cricket season. And India being a cricket crazy nation, the challenge that lay before us was to somehow grab the eyeballs that fixated on the matches.

The immensely popular 20-20 games had successfully created a loyal fan base for the participating teams. Hence, we decided to use this growing passion itself to build up our activity – let Intel help you show just HOW passionate you are about your favorite team.


The figures speak for themselves:
  • Awareness - 1.5 Million views of TV vignette & Aston branding
  • Interest - Total 250,000 visits out of which 88.98% were new
  • Creation - Close to 18000 stunning visuals created by fans in less than 2 months!
  • WOM - Over 22000 Likes on Fan Page 
Not only did the campaign generate unprecedented numbers for a UGC campaign, it also created a very strong brand recall by lettings fans create "Visibly Smart" images thanks to a seamless user interface!

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