A door leading to the outstanding world of the boxing franchise providing insights, information and team descriptions. Indirectly, getting the audience closer to the sport and more so with the brand - Mumbai Fighters.


The website elements were strategically placed to engage the audience on the first sight itself

  • The home page had the participating boxers lined up with Akhil Kumar in the centre. Since it was a recognizable face, the initial attention was easily arrested. 
  • The user was made to feel at home with a well designed logo in the center top and sporty background colours, thus introducing him to the bodies involved.
  • The logos of Indian Boxing Federation and WSB played a part in telling the story of the brand. The user learnt about the existence of such bodies and the brand history.

Various sections on the website kept the user up-to-date with

  • Info on the entire team
  • Schedule of upcoming matches
  • Photos & videos of previous matches
  • News from on & off the arena

The website had deciphered the brand for users to immediately learn about them.

Mumbai Fighter
Boxing did not have a major following in India until World Boxing Series happened. The entry of Mumbai Fighters into the series sparked considerable interest amongst aficionados of the sport. However, the challenge was to reach out to a wider audience and get them to fervently follow the sport too.

Cricket which is considered a religion and a huge following of football were the two main concerns while diverting the audience. Though boxing, as a sport, enjoys 5th highest viewership the world over, the attention of Indian audiences was a far cry. So we tackled the challenge in a twofold way:
  • Sports fanatics are usually aggressive and impatient. So the design, being the first element of contact, had to be powerful but simple for the user to explore.
  • Secondly, an up-to-date site was the need of the hour to sustain interest in the international event


The website did wonders for the brand as there were buzzes initiated on chats and social networking sites.  

  • Ticket sales were pushed to unbelievable levels during matches   
  • YouTube views saw a high in no time and there were considerable amount of shares on Facebook.

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