"Are you #HDed Yet" 
  • A proposition to improve the over-all equity of the brand.
  • A term that builds a relationship between HD and DishTV in the cluttered HD space.
  • A communication strategy that resulted in a successful sub brand for Dish TV, and also became exclusive to Dish TV only.
Hence the use of ingredient marketing and the inception of: "Are you #HDed Yet?" - A term invented to stimulate interest.
#HDed –To be HDed is to live life in high def, to live in a world where experiences are more real, where emotion are richer, where everything is better and brighter. Once HDed – you will want everything to be in HD – TV, mobile, computer, gaming, everything…..
Are you #HDed Yet – Have you made the transition to HD? Or is there something left to do before it's complete? This one question plants just the right thought to our target audiences.
The proposition was integrated into a logo unit and transcended all forms of communication, including Digital, TV, Print and OOH.

Dish TV the pioneer and undisputed leader in the Indian DTH industry has successfully managed to stay at the top of the heap in the highly competitive DTH category over the last 6 years. They have always delighted their customers by offering innovations to enrich their TV viewing experience. Dish truHD marks a significant leap forward, enhancing the offerings, expanding the product portfolio and providing the viewers an opportunity to enjoy the highest digital quality available.

HD space is cluttered with HD televisions, HD notebooks, HD camcorders, HD movies, HD video games etc. There is confusion amongst consumers regarding standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) setup box.
Market research revealed that people buying LCD/LED TV are unaware that an HD setup box is required for crystal clear clarity viewing.
The challenge was to own, build and sustain the proposition of HD for the consumer.


  • India's first 360° communication plan with hash tag (#) for Twitter Trend
  •  #HDed was buzzing on Twitter India and was trending in Bangalore
  • No use of promoted tweet (a $100,000 affair)
  • Search interest for brand Dish TV rose over 250% above its closest competitor.
  • Dish TV HD's search volume increased by 80% - the maximum in the category.
  • Over 400% rise in Dish TV FB fans.
  • Over 300% rise in Dish TV Twitter followers.

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