SEM driven

  • We targeted high affinity fans of movie/movie stars and offered them paid/unpaid content:
  • Downloads – offered movie goodies like ringtone downloads, wallpapers and more
  • Fan clubs
  • Using analytics, we identified that ticket bookings were highest between Wed to Sat. Hence,  campaigns were run only on these days.
  • Contextual messages targeted at consumers on movie review sites

Project Link
Establish Bookmyshow.com as top of mind movie ticketing destination and at the same time operate within a stringent cost constraint. Key challenges faced were:
  • Perishable inventory
  • Short campaign cycles: Average movie shelf life is 2 weeks
  • Suboptimal ROI on Display

With short campaign cycles, it was but natural to grab as many eyeballs as possible in a short duration.  Which is why we came up with an SEM campaign that targeted consumers on relevant websites.


For anyone looking to book movie tickets, Bookmyshow is top of the mind destination. In fact, bookmyshow has higher searches than the generic term 'Movie tickets'. And we have achieved this while operating at 50% below cost constraint for the past 30 months.

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